About Me

I am a Junior at Berea College, a liberal arts college in Berea, Kentucky. I am working towards a major in Computer Science. I work primarily as a teaching assistant for the Computer Science program at my college, where I help students understand concepts and solve problems.

Personal Projects

Here are some of the cool projects that I worked on outside of class. More projects available on GitHub.


An application to help the user determine if an object should go to the recycle, trash or compost bin. It asks the user to take a picture of the item and uses image recognition and machine learning to decide the right bin for the object. Project lives here.

Sentiment Dashboard

A web application that uses Machine Learning to analyze Sentiment on tweets or files of user's choice and visualizes the measured sentiment using charts. Project lives here.

Earthquake Bot

A bot that posts real-time earthquake alerts on Twitter (@GlobalQuakeBot) and shows a Map of the location of the epicenter. Receives over 150K organic impressions per month.

Web Development

Led a team of four on a web development project for the Madison County Health Department to help them with storing and visualizing survey responses

Word Guesser

A word guessing game that is 100% right all the time. Code available on GitHub.

Look And Say

A Python implementation of the interesting look and say sequence. Watch this video

Racket Image Gallery

Simple Image Gallery implemented using Racket, a Lisp variant programming Language

GIF bot

A Twitter bot that can post GIFs on Twitter. Code available on GitHub

No Sqrt

A program that calculates the square root of a number without using the sqrt() function


Implemented a simple web crawler to get information about a book when the ISBN number of the book is provided